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Its all messed up, I worked on it so hard and then it ruined...
I made this flash like about a month, and then the fla file was deleted coz I forgot to write it on a disc when i reinstalled windows, and the Swf to Fla converter made some bugs, sorry.


Well, here's a demo for the awesome movie I work on!

Madness- It's not easy to be a clown DEMO

Mario VS Link - Released!

2007-09-17 12:56:29 by Kiril-Tupitsin

Mario&Luigi Vs Link is now released!
Link to the flash:


Next upcoming flash: Flashed Comics 1

Mario VS Link

2007-09-09 04:46:52 by Kiril-Tupitsin

Mario VS Link
The soon upcoming flash, sprites, FUNNY and awesome coz i said so :D

blah bad pic quality

Mario VS Link

Quality Stick Fight II

2007-07-18 16:34:40 by Kiril-Tupitsin

"Quality Stick Fight II"
The movie I'm working at right now, at the beginning stages ...
-Not just another stick fight
-Quality product
-Lots of action

Quality Stick Fight II